What We Do

We provide 3D hand and feet castings to bereaved parents in and around Essex, Suffolk and Kent.   We cast angel babies from 23 weeks gestation onwards and can help make the most precious memories for families.

If you are not within our covered area, we can provide a casting kit for you to cast baby yourself (plus offer over the phone assistance) or help you to find a local professional caster that can cast for you.

We would love for every bereaved family to have the opportunity to be gifted a 3D cast of their babies hand and foot.  Although we currently only cover Essex, Kent and parts of Suffolk, we are on the lookout to expand our services.  We had the aim of training bereavement midwifes in this memory making service but unfortunately this was not successful due to the time required to be dedicated.  Therefore our aim is to partner with professional experienced casters to provide this service on Forever Finley’s behalf to their local families. 

We would love to hear from you if you are a professional caster and have experience casting babies that have passed away, and would like to partner with us.